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2015-...       Interior architect at PINK

2016-...       Founder and interior architect at Stuudio Moss OÜ 


2020-...      Paide State High School with PINK

2019-...        Tallinn City Theatre with PINK

2019-...        Ehitustrust office in Paju 2 building in Tartu with Raul Tiitus

2019             Wolt office on Aia str with Raul Tiitus

2019             Apartment in Toom-Kooli 21

2019             Apartment in Raua 59

2019             Apartment in Staapli 4

2019             Apartment in Sepa 24

2019             Apartment in Gonsori 29 with Aet Grigorjev

2019             Apartment in Paldiski Rd 82c

2019             Apartment in Poska 53 with Aet Grigorjev 

2019             Private house in Kressi str

2019             Private house in Tähe 20 with Aet Grigorjev

2019             Rehvimeister office on Killustiku str

2019             BB-Finance office in Pronksi 19

2019              Tõrva Gymnasium swimming pool/spa

                       and student house with Tarmo Piirmets

2018-2019  Herb Spa in Dorpat Hotel with Raul Tiitus

2018              Apartment in Malmö 23

2018              Apartment in Tobiase 3 with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Apartment in Tobiase 7 with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Rental apartment in Paepargi 53 with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Private house in Laulasmaa with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Private house on Särje str with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Apartment in Ao 4a 

2018              Private house on Pärtlemäe str

2018              Kaurits office in Kose

2018              Daily factory of E-Piim in Paide with Raul Tiitus

                        and Tarmo Piirmets

2018              Office building on Paju 2, Tartu with Raul Tiitus

                        and Tarmo Piirmets

2018              Rental apartment in Tuukri 64

2018              Apartment in Staapli 3

2018              Semi-detached house on Põldma str with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Apartment in Staapli 4 with Aet Grigorjev

2018              Private house in Haanja

2018              Apartment in Manufaktuuri

2018              Semi-detached house on Purde str with Aet Grigorjev

2018              French Fyceum sports building with Raul Tiitus

                        and Tarmo Piirmets

2018               Brewdog bar in Rotermanni quarter with Raul Tiitus

2017-2018   Sauna and guest house in Saaremaa with Aet Grigorjev

2017-2018   Spa and Sauna complex in Dorpat Hotel with Raul Tiitus

2017               Apartment building layout on Trummi 25

2017               Apartment in Marsti 3b with Aet Grigorjev

2017               Sauna and guest house in Audru Parish with Aet Grigorev

2017               Private house in Suurupi with Aet Grigorjev

2017               Pargi kindergarten in Saaremaa with Raul Tiitus

                        and Tarmo Piirmets

2016               Set design for Fennobed with Kamilla Kase 
               ABC King store in Lõunakeskus with Raul Tiitus

2016               Estonian Academy of Arts with Raul Tiitus and

                         Tarmo Piirmets and Inna Fleisher

2016               Kuku Cafe on Freedom Square

2016               Concept for a restaurant in Sauna 10

2016               Apartment in Sõpruse avenue 33

2015               Fennobed office in Pärnu

2015               Apartment in Meerhof building Tallinn with Raul Tiitus


2019               Estonian Association of interior architects /

                         annual award for the new building of the Estonian

                         Academy of Arts with Tarmo Piirmets,

                         Raul Tiitus and Inna Fleisher


2013-2016  Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), BA in interior architecture & furniture design


Languages:    Estonian (native), English (fluent),

                        Finnish (good), German (beginner)

Computer:    Archicad, Autocad, Photoshop,

                        InDesign, Illustrator

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